[Lorenz Schwartz Collection] Love Songs of Childhood

Love Songs of Childhood

by Eugene Field. Chicago: Lakeside Press, 1905. Limited to 500 copies on Japan vellum. Large 8vo. Signed by The Monastery Hill Bindery on the front lower turn-in at center, with Schwartz’s “LS” monogram on rear turn-in, 1⁄4 of the way up the spine on left. Full dark blue morocco with front cover separated into three vertical “panels”: 1st and 3rd featuring small double ringlets at each corner, middle panel featuring a stylized heart design on middle top and bottom, and a Victorian child’s head (wearing a bonnet) in the center. Large portions of space are filled in with stippling, and Schwartz’s heart tool is used with 3 at top, 3 at the bottom. Back cover is separated into three panels, all decorated with the double ringlet at corner. Spine with four raised bands with title and author in second & fourth compartments; middle, top, and bottom compartment feature smaller versions of top and bottom decoration from front, middle panel. T.e.g. Wide, triple ruled turn-i ns framing dark blue silk moire endpapers, with a tooled heart, plus smaller, stylized heart, plus the Schwartz art nouveau heart at each corner, and some stippling included as well.